IASCLUB Mains Answer Writing Practice : 30 September 2019

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1.Describe various types of weathering. How does it influence soil, minerals and landforms?                                                                                                            (GS Paper-1, Geography) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer 

·         Introduction: Define Weathering

·         Describe types of weathering

·         Discuss significance of weathering

Reference- NCERT

2.What are the impacts of declaring MasoodAzhar as a Global Terrorist? How the proposal is passed in the United Nations Security Council?   (GS Paper-2, International Relations) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction: Give context of the issue

·         Then explain the process of passing the proposal in UNSC

·         Conclude with the impacts of this decision

 Reference-Current Affairs

  3.Discuss the environmental issues caused by irresponsible and illegal sand mining from rivers.                                                                                                            (GS Paper-3, Environment) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction: Explain the sand mining process

·         Then discuss the harmful effects of on environment

·         Conclude with suggestion

Reference– NCERT/ Current Affairs

4.When the objective is noble, the means do not matter. Do you agree? Justify your stand with a suitable example.                                                 (GS Paper-4, Ethics) (150 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Present your opinion with proper justification

·         Give examples to illustrate

·         Conclusion

Reference: Lexicon’s Ethics


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