IASCLUB Mains Answer Writing Practice : 18 June 2019

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1.What are main social problems in India? Enumerate characteristics of social problems.  (GS Paper-1, Social Issues) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer 

·         Brief introduction on social problems and highlight few social problems of India

·         After that discuss characteristics of social problems

·         Give examples to explain

Reference- NCERT

2.In a popular talk the terms the ‘State’ and Government” are very often used synonymously, but there are many differences between State and government. Distinguish the State from the government.   (GS Paper-2, Polity) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Briefly define State and government

·         Point out differences between State and government

·         Conclusion

Reference– Laxmikanth/ Current Affairs

3. In recent years, the increasing threat to groundwater quality due to human activities has become a matter of great concern. Discuss the reasons for declining ground water quality.   (GS Paper-3, Environment) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction

·         Highlight the reasons of deteriorating quality of ground water

·         Conclusion

Reference– NCERT

 4.Discuss the important characteristics of governance.        (GS Paper-4, Ethics) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Brief introduction on governance

·         Discuss characteristics of good governance

·         Give examples to explain your argument

Reference: Lexicon’s Ethics


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