IASCLUB Mains Answer Writing Practice : 16 July 2019

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1.World War 2 was a direct result of the turmoil left behind by World War 1. Elucidate.  (GS Paper-1, World History) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduce briefly factors leading to World War I

·         Describe the harsh treatment meted out to the defeated powers post-war.

·         Conclude appropriately.

Reference- NCERT


2.Illustrate the importance of Indian Diaspora in the context of improving India’s global brand image and rising cultural soft power.                                                     (GS Paper-2, International Relations) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Briefly define Indian diaspora

·         Examine how Indian diaspora contributes directly and as a soft power

·         Conclude appropriately

Reference– NCERT

 3.The growth of Indian economy since 1991 reforms can be described as the service sector led economic growth. Analyze its major impacts on the Indian Economy? Do you think that service sector led growth is sustainable in the long run? Give reasons with statistical support?                                          (GS Paper-3, Economy) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Highlight briefly the service-led growth story of India

·         What problems has it led to & examine if service-led growth is sustainable

·         Conclude appropriately with solutions

 Reference– NCERT

4.”Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all others”. Do you agree and why? What arethe two most important things in your life that you are grateful for?                          (GS Paper-4, Ethics) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Explain what is gratitude and its significance.

·         Highlight the benefits of gratitude.

·         Enumerate the things one is grateful for.

Reference: Lexicon’s Ethics


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