iClub Mains Answer Writing Practice : 20 April 2019

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Q.1 The rock cycle describes the transitions through geologic time among the three main rock types. Discuss the cycle of rock change. (150 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – I Geography

Structure of the Answer

• Introduction

• Explain cycle of rock change

• Draw diagram to illustrate the rock cycle

Reference- NCERT

Q.2 What are the Types of Constitutional Amendment in India?(250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – II Polity

Structure of the Answer

• Introduction- Briefly explain Article 368 on Constitution

• Discuss types of amendments in Indian Constitution

Reference- Laxmikanth

Q.3 What are the causes of inflation? Also explain the effects of rising prices of goods on economy. (250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – III Economy

Structure of the Answer

• Briefly define inflation

• Explain the causes of inflation and its effect on our economy

Reference- Ramesh Singh

Q.4 What are attitudes? Discuss the functions of attitude with examples. (250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – IV Ethics

Structure of the Answer

• Define attitude and briefly mention its component

• Explain the functions of attitude

• Give examples to explain functions

Reference: Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Students Note :

All questions are for your practice, daily Practice will give you confidence to write answer during UPSC mains Exam. Write Your Best Answer and post it in Comment Section down Below. After posting Question, we will post answer on second day. Answer will be for your reference purpose only.

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