iClub Mains Answer Writing Practice : 27 April 2019

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Q.1 Compare the ideology and methods of moderates and extremist Leadership of Congress. Highlight the major contributions of both moderates and extremist. (250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – I History

Structure of the Answer

• Introduction- Discuss Surat split

• Present a comparison between Moderates and Extremist Leadership of Congress on basis of their aim, methods, ideology, support etc.

• Mention the main leaders of both groups

• Discuss the contributions of moderates and extremists

Reference- NCERT/ Spectrum

Q.2 Mention the limitations of the powers of the State Legislature with respect to Centre.(250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – II Polity

Structure of the Answer

• Brief introduction on State Legislature Discuss limitation of the Powers of the State Legislature wrt certain bills, emergency provision, Art 365 etc.

Reference- -Laxmikanth

Q.3 How does agriculture cause ground water depletion? Give suggestions to reduce the demand of groundwater in agriculture sector.(250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – III Economy

Structure of the Answer

• Introduction

• Explain how agriculture deplete groundwater resources

• Give suggestions like regulating the use of electricity for extraction of groundwater, introduction of modern precision irrigation technologies, policy intervention to favour less water consuming crops etc.

Reference- Ramesh Singh/ Current Affairs

Q.4 What is Ethical egoism? Discuss the challenges to the theory of Ethical egoism. (250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – IV Ethics

Structure of the Answer

• Define Ethical egoism

• Discuss the challenges to Ethical egoism

• Give examples to explain your arguments

Reference: Lexicon’s Ethics

Students Note :

All questions are for your practice, daily Practice will give you confidence to write answer during UPSC mains Exam. Write Your Best Answer and post it in Comment Section down Below. After posting Question, we will post answer on second day. Answer will be for your reference purpose only.

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