iClub Mains Answer Writing Practice : 29 April 2019

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Q.1 Hinyana was much closer to original Buddhism whether Mahayana deviated a lot from the original Buddhism. Discuss the differences between these sects of Buddhism. (250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – I Art & Culture

Structure of the Answer

• Introduction- Brief explanation on both sects.

• Discuss major difference between Hinayana and Mahayana.

• Conclusion.

Reference- NCERT/ Spectrum

Q.2 There is a debate around whether MGNREGA provides a vital social safety net for the poor or merely burdens the economy. Critically examine the role of MGNREGA scheme in achieving rural development. (250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – II Social Justice

Structure of the Answer

• Brief introduction about MGNREGA

• Point out loopholes in the scheme

• Discuss the role of MGNREGA in rural development

Reference – Current Affairs

Q.3 What are the major causes of biodiversity depletion? Discuss. (150 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – III Environment

Structure of the Answer

• Introduction

• Point out different causes that destroy biodiversity like natural, man-made etc.

• Explain major causes of biodiversity depletion

Reference- NCERT

Q.4 What is the Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of seven sins?(250 words)

Relevance : General studies Paper – IV Ethics

Structure of the Answer

• Brief introduction

• Explain seven social sins with examples

Reference: Lexicon’s Ethics

Students Note :

All questions are for your practice, daily Practice will give you confidence to write answer during UPSC mains Exam. Write Your Best Answer and post it in Comment Section down Below. After posting Question, we will post answer on second day. Answer will be for your reference purpose only.

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