IASCLUB Mains Answer Writing Practice : 09 September 2019

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1.The birth of the Modern Age in the history of Europe affected not only the lives of the common Europeans, but it brought far-reaching changes in the whole of Europe. Discuss.   (GS Paper-1, World History) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer 

·         Introduction: write about beginning of modern age

·         Then point out reasons contributed for the beginning of Modern age

·         Disintegration of feudal system.

Reference- NCERT

2.Explain the “federal scheme” under the government of India Act, 1935. Why could this scheme not be implemented?   (GS Paper-2, Polity) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction

·         Then explain federal scheme

·         Give reasons for non-implementation of federal scheme

·         Conclusion

Reference– NCERT

3.Cyberspace is evolving to become fifth potential theatre of war along with land, sea, air and space. However, there are several reasons that complicate the task of securing cyberspace compared to the other theatres of conflict.” Explain.                                                  (GS Paper-3, Security) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction: Explain cyberspace

·         Then discuss the challenges in securing cyberspace

·         Conclusion

Reference– NCERT

 4.Discuss the various sources through which humans can judge the correctness of their actions. In the context of public life discuss how these sources are important in offering a clear and practical guidance.    (GS Paper-4, Ethics) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Discuss law and conscience as sources by which humans can judge the correctness of their actions.

·         Then discuss their role in public life.

·         Conclude by emphasizing the desirability of these sources in ethical decision making.

Reference: Lexicon’s Ethics


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