IASCLUB Mains Answer Writing Practice : 28 June 2019

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1.How did communalism come into existence during colonial period?          (GS Paper-1, History) (150 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction

·         Discuss the role of British in spreading communalism

·        Conclusion

Reference– NCERT

 2.Describe the nature and extent of socio-economic and gender-based discrimination in our society.                                                                                                                                                                       (GS Paper-2, Social Justice) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction on form of discrimination present in our societies

·         Discuss social discrimination and give examples

·         Then discuss economic discrimination and its impact

Reference– NCERT

3. What are the different issues arising from inter-linking of rivers?    (GS Paper-3, Environment/ Disaster Management) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction: Explain the Rivers Inter-link project and its component

·         Then discuss the issues arising due to this project

·         Mention the economic, environmental cost, displacement and also discuss the international angle of river interlinking

Reference- NCERT

4.Emotions play a very important role in human behaviour and life. What are the basic emotions?                                                                                                                        (GS Paper-4, Ethics) (250 words)

Structure of the Answer

 ·         Introduction

·         Explain positive and negative emotions

·         Describe types of emotions as given by Goleman

·         Conclusion

Reference: Lexicon’s Ethics


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